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2014-2015 Plan Year

NUWelcome to the National University System Benefits website.


Our goal is to provide you with all the information and planning tools to make informed decisions regarding your benefit coverage.

You have the option of the reviewing plan information at anytime, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home if you desire.

Menus will guide you through basic plan information, provide you with links to forms and external websites, and provide you with the phone numbers and group numbers for our insurance carriers.


Once you have reviewed the information provided on the Employer Benefits Plan Information website and are ready to make your benefit selections, please log into SOAR and look for your Benefit Event under the Benefit section under the Self-Service links. Click here for a job aid.

For details regarding specific lines of coverage or detailed summaries, please click here.

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Important Disclaimer

In accordance with the terms of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) National University is including the following statements to comply with changes in regulation:

  • The benefit summary is a summary only. It does not fully describe your benefit coverage or explain all details, provisions, limitations, and exclusions of the various plans. For more information please refer to each plan's Evidence of Coverage (EOC).
  • The Evidence of Coverage is the binding document between the Health Plan and its members. If there are any discrepancies between benefits included in this website and the Evidence of Coverage, the Evidence of Coverage will prevail.
  • A Health Plan physician must determine that the services and supplies are medically necessary to prevent, diagnose, or treat your medical condition. The services and supplies must be provided, prescribed, authorized, or directed by a Health Plan physician. You must receive the services and supplies at a Health Plan facility or skilled nursing facility inside your Insurance Company's Service Area, except where specifically noted to the contrary in the Evidence of Coverage.
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This site contains links to third-party sites that are neither owned nor controlled by National University.  Using this site and clicking on links that may lead to third-party sites signifies your acceptance and understanding that National University is not associated with the sites and can not be held liable for any information, message, or content contained within such sites. The user also agrees to use common sense, prudence, and due diligence when considering information contained anywhere within the Internet.